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Students will have the opportunity to learn Jazz's Natural Lip technique in a 1 on 1 private setting. There are two different techniques that Jazz will be offerinng. Lip Blush a natural subtle healed lip result that gives you that just bitten lip look and Lip Tattoo a more dramatic lipstick healed result.


Jazz's technique on Natural Lips teaches even blending, soft-invisible linework, perfect color picking/mixing to create the most natural and perfect healed result every time. Learning this technique and how to create natural-looking lip tattoo will give artist the chance to excel in their business and create perfect healed lips that appeal to every client. Lip tattooing is the new up and coming service in the permanent makeup industry and also provides a less invasive alternative to lip fillers. A single needles cartridge is used to insert pigment into the skin, reducing the amount of trauma inflicted in order to have great, natural results.

Jazz's two-day training will provide you with the knowledge and practice required to excel in your career as a permanent makeup artist. A student kit are included in the registration cost. Students will receive a certificate of completion. Jazz provides a lifetime of cotinued support as well as the option to come back and shadow a procedure in which they trained, 3-6 months after the course completion.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Lip Blush & Lip Tattoo

Fundamentals. We will dive into the workbook and intruduce the fundamentals of lip tattooing. We will study deep into topics like color theroy, who is suitable for this technique: best and worst candidates, risks associated with the procedure, pigments, skin anatomy, machines, and needle theory. We will practice shaping techniques and shading techniques.

Practice and ExcelThis is when we really get into learning the physical technique by praticing together on fake skin. I will teach you how to hold and use your machine properly, how to get a soft outline, and get a perfect blend in your work with the machine. I will be demonstrating where I show you how to set up and take down your station, how to shape, pick a color, stretch, tattoo, and take photos. 

Model. You will do one model. It has been proven that students who practice on models in training gain more confidence in their work and can put the proper technique into muscle memory. I will be there guiding you and ensuring that you are working in natural lip technique. Afterwards, I will give you my feedback on your technique, and we will work on edditng your photos together and creating posts that you can post to your instagram. You will be awarded your certificate upon completion of the course.


Lip Blush & Lip Tattoo 2,000
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